Department of Agricuture and Fisheries, and the Australian Chicken Meat Council have published brief but important notes on recognising High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza, reporting it, risks and biosecurity.

Common signs of HPAI include:

  • sudden death
  • • respiratory distress
    • lethargy
    • inability to walk
    • no appetite
    • unusual head or neck posture
    • droopy appearance
    • diarrhoea
    • ruffled feathers
    • swollen head, wattle or comb
    • drop in egg production.

The virus can remain active in manure, water and carcasses for days to weeks if it is not processed (eg by composting temperatures). See here for more information   HPAI Newsletter – DAFF

The Australian Chicken Meat Federation, of which ACGC is a member, has also published a handy guide to what actually HAPPENS to you and your farm once an emergency disease outbreak is declared: FINAL _EAD Flyer

Latest Information

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ACGC and ACMF have participated on the steering committee for the government’s required Sustainability Plan for the industry. While the full report is still be released, the summary is below. Take a look at the things YOU will have to do to increase sustainability and make the meat poultry industry “green”! Sustainability Framework HERE

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