An appalling draft animal welfare bill has been tabled in Vic that looks like it’s been written by activists, and NSW is set to follow suit. They say it’s to replace POCTA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) which has served the state well over many years. In addition to many other “Nasties” this proposed bill:

  • will give the Minister the power to “delete” a whole industry with the stroke of a regulation, with no oversight by parliament.
  • will give the Minister unlimited power to impose “guidelines” that are not in accordance with nationally agreed guidelines
  • will give the Minister unlimited power to impose “monitoring” without consent and at any time, on any industry, if there is a prosecution.
  • will appoint “Authorised Officers” who can enter your property at any time “on suspicion”
  • Authorised Officers will have the power to search, seize, enter your residence, and euthanase  – but there is no requirement on them to euthanase humanely!

The Coalition RECKON IT’S A DONE DEAL but ACGC and VCGC have submitted on your behalf anyway. TO SEE THE ACGC SUBMISSION  CLICK HERE. To see the VCGC submission CLICK HERE

The ACMF (Australian Chicken Meat Federation, for which ACGC is a member) also made a submission on behalf of the whole industry, including the processors. to see the ACMF submission, CLICK HERE.

Remember, it’s your membership of your farming group that is the only thing standing between you and automatic adoption of any law that any activist wants to put up – congratulate yourself on your foresight!

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