Caring for the Environment

A national environmental management system (EMS) for the chicken meat industry has been developed and implemented to ensure broiler farms minimise their environmental impact on land, surface water, ground water, air and the community, while ensuring growers remain economically viable.

Sustainability is key to survival of the poultry industry and the planet. Poultry farming is a highly efficient user of land (kg meat per hectare) and represents less than 2% of all the greenhouse emissions produced by the Agricultural sector in Australia. Water usage per kg meat produced has dropped rapidly in the last 20 years with the advent of water efficient cooling systems, metered drinkers for drinking water, and more efficient shed cleaning. Even feed waste is reduced by tailoring the feed ingredients to the the growth cycle of the bird, and using feeders that minimise waste.  Used bedding is composted  or spread on fields as fertiliser, or burned in electricity plants to reduce coal and gas use. Even now, the industry is working on a sustainability plan to further improve efficiency. 


National Environmental Management System for the Meat Chicken Industry

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