The NFF, under commission from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, have completed the Final Report examining regulatory options for the Chicken Meat industry.

It recommends a mandatory Code of Conduct, and the supermarkets have agreed.  SEE THE FINAL REPORT HERE. Even if the whole document is just a “meal too large”, start at page 140 and see exactly what the processors are saying about you!

The processors appear to have declared war on all growers. In addition to the above, they have been running around Canberra telling anyone who would listen that no Code is needed because there is no risk in growing chickens. It’s been reported that they have now engaged a PR firm (just like big tobacco did once!) to push their case with Parliamentarians. Reports out of growers meetings are that they are engaging in a new level of thuggery, threat and intimidation.

Growers have wanted government help for more than 20 years. The goal (a Code of Conduct) is in sight, but we have to get over the processors’ hill to get there. If you do not get this Code, your income will continue to be eroded, processors will start stratifying growers by shed type or region and driving them to bankruptcy in groups. They DO NOT care if your business survives, they only care about their shareholders. IT’S NOW OR NEVER!

So what’s the next step/s?

  1. We have to get government to agree. That is best done by EVERY SINGLE GROWER SEEING YOUR LOCAL MEMBER. Don’t know your electorate? SEE HERE. Don’t know the name of your local MP even if you do know your electorate? Put your electorate name into the box ON THIS PAGE. Then just phone the electorate office and tell them you are an elector and ask for an appointment. When  you go into the appointment, a small donation to their electoral campaign is VERY well received (around $100+) and give them the briefing note that you can download BRIEFING NOTE HERE. You can go to see your MP in groups, and if everybody goes then nobody will be singled out for “special attention”.
  2. Then we have to get the government to agree on the words to be in the Code.  If we do our job well, the Code in the Report will be adopted. Otherwise it will be a knock-down-draq-’em-out-line-by-line battle for the words in the Code.  Your membership is the ONLY thing standing between you and a Code, because we can’t fund the fight otherwise.
  3. Join the Fighting Fund! ACGC will take all donations and put it into a special account used only for this purpose. You will receive personal updates on where the spend is going.
  4. Support your elected farming representatives! They are the only thing standing between you and “NO CODE”. They are putting in huge amounts of work on your behalf. Even the occasional kind word or email goes a long way…
  5. Then we have to get it into Regulation. If we have done our job right, that should be a smooth ride, but since nothing about this process has been smooth, expect trouble!


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