Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hormones in my chicken or turkeys?

No hormones are fed or otherwise administered to any poultry in Australia. Hormones have not been used in the Australian poultry industry for over 50 years. Hormones were once used as an alternative to castration and to improve the tenderness of the meat. However, improved breeds of chicken have made this practice unnecessary. No hormones are administered to meat chicken under any circumstances in Australia, so there is no basis for any food safety concern regarding hormones.

Are meat chickens and turkeys kept in cages?

No, meat chickens and turkeys are not kept in cages in Australia. They are farmed in large open sheds. Specialist free range farms allow “outside” 
access to foraging areas.

What is biosecurity?

Biosecurity is the system by which germs that can cause sickness or death in chickens and turkeys are prevented from entering the flock, the region, the state or the country.  Australia has one of the best biosecurity systems in the world, making our birds healthier and meat safer than in some other countries. For Further Information see The Federal Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Biosecurity Manual (Poultry)

How much chicken do Australians eat?

Per Capita Consumption of Chicken, Beef, Pig Meat & Sheep

Why do chickens grow quickly?

It’s the power of genetic sslection. Meat chickens and turkeys have been selectively bred over the past 60 years for a variety of characteristics, including growth rate and efficiently converting poultry feed into tender meat. This is why chickens and turkeys reach the desired market weight and quality more quickly than the breeds of poultry from which they were originally derived.