Formed in the early 1980s the Australian Chicken Growers Council (ACGC) is the peak body representing contract chicken meat and turkey growers (farmers) on a range of industry issues at state and national levels.
ACGC is also a member of the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, which represents poultry processors and farmers.

We represent interests at the national level
We have representatives from each State

We advocate on significant industry issues

The ACGC is Australia’s peak contract chicken and turkey grower representative body, dedicated to the sustainability and viability of its members, and providing a unifying policy forum. ACGC works with state and national government departments and authorities, local government bodies and agencies and state and national farming organisations, including the National Farmers’ Federation, of which it is a member.

ACGC consists of representatives from each of the state farming organisations who meet throughout the year. The Council is overseen by Chairman Mr Owen Shaw and supported by Acting CEO Dr Joanne Sillince.

New South Wales Farmers Association – Contract Poultry Group

Queensland Chicken Grower’s Association

South Australian Chicken Growers

Tasmanian Chicken Grower’s Association

Victorian Chicken Growers Council 

Western Australian Broiler Grower’s Association