NFF publishes Interim Report on Potential Mandatory Code Of Practice for Growers

After months of workshops, interviews, surveys, Departmental enquiries and at least one Freedom of Information request, teh NFF (contracted to the Australian Government) has released the interim report on the poultry meat market in Australia, policy options including those from overseas, and a draft Code for consideration. This is availalbe for consultation and comment for the next 2 months ONLY. Depending on the feedback or fightback, government MAY OR MAY NOT proceed to a Mandatory Code.

IS YOUR FUTURE WORTH 4 HOURS? Yes, it’s a drag to read, but it’s your future. If you choose not to, you accept any consequence that comes out of this project, inlcuding potential for contracts below your cost of production. You CANNOT rely on your delegates to do this work. READ AND COMMENT, PRIVATELY, BACK TO THE ACGC OFFICE and we will pass your comments on to NFF and politicians anonymously. Get your accountant or lawyer to loo,k over it and give you advice. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. Clock on the below. we particularly suggest you read pages 40-46 of the report, and the proposed Code (commences page 96). Click on the below to get started.

Interim Report – Exploring the potential for a Code of Conduct to increase price transparency and competition in Australian poultry meat supply chains.