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FAO Outlook – Poultry Comes Out on Top

There has been a positive indication for meat chicken growers recently with the OECD’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) projecting that poultry will overtake pork as the largest share of total meat production by 2020. The FAO’s Agricultural Outlook for 2014 reported that growth in global meat consumption is expected to rise as consumers in developing regions increase the levels of protein in their diet.  Poultry is set to lead the global meat growth trend, as it remains the cheapest and most accessible form of meat for many consumers. This ease of access coupled with a high feed conversion ratio, short production cycle and relatively simple production process is set to see a production growth rate within the global industry of 23% by 2023. The other benefit of poultry the report found is that comparative to other meats such as pork and beef which are not eaten by certain cultural groups, poultry is widely eaten across ethic groups and “faces few cultural barriers related to its consumption”. Read the report here